Primus LED emergency power supply kit

PRIMUS LED emergency lighting kits for lighting fittings with up to 30W LED light sources. Adapted to cooperation with external DC adapter powered LED lights and with 230VAC mains powered LED lights. The emergency power kit detects a failure of regular power supply, i.e. 230V/50Hz power and using the power stored in the battery it begins to generate high relevant voltage, necessary for power supply of LED lamps. The duration of emergency operation of 1-3h depends on LED lamp power rating and the capacity of battery used.


  • Protection rating IP20
  • Duration of emergency operation 1h / 2h / 3h
  • Operating temp. 10°C ~ 50°C
  • Battery type Ni-Cd HT / Ni-Mh HT
  • Power supply voltage 230V 50 Hz
  • Dimension (h/w/l) 36/42/151 mm